Who We Are

TGIM officially started in November 2015 by a small group of creative people led by Tim and Ario. Bringing in several years of experience in advertising, marketing communication, branding, social media, design, photography and creative production, they look to stand strong as a boutique creative advertising agency in Jakarta.

TGIM is on a mission to help small to medium businesses construct a robust marketing communication strategy and craft creative ideas that bring results. In doing so, it always starts by trying to understand the business issue faced by each client.

How We Can Help

Every business, big or small, are faced with the challenge of staying competitive in the market. Other than focusing on the delivering product itself, every business must focus on how to drive more sales and prospects. This is where marketing usually comes in place.

How can a business build a marketing team that can do the research required, formulate a strategy and integrated plan – translate those into creative campaigns, beautiful designs and words, exciting social media content, digital ideas, PR and so forth? We understand that the cost of hiring and managing a marketing team is a luxury not owned by all businesses. That’s exactly how TGIM can help.

We help small and mid-sized businesses by taking care of the entire marketing communication department. That way, you can focus on strategic business issues, delivering the product and other daily operations. Of course, if you only need bits and parts, we can also help.

If you are looking for a creative advertising agency in the Jakarta area, we should definitely have a talk!

Our Mantra – The 3Cs


Once upon a time we met this company called Abracadabra. They claimed to have an amazing product. It was so amazing, different, unique and cool that it was even unheard of. It was, perhaps, the only one in the whole wide world. It was, inspired by Seth Godin’s word; a purple cow. So they say. Who on earth has a purple cow anyway? With such a product, Abracadabra will surely march its way into market dominance in no time. Or will they?


Apparently there are other companies selling cows. Some are white, some are brown. Some are black and some are even yellow. But none of them has a purple cow. One fellow once claimed to have spotted a dark blue one – but certainly not a purple one. And, this dark blue one, was never mentioned in news or featured in those so called social media apps – so it does not really make a case for a strong competitor.


With such a product and nearly no competition in (their) sight, Abracadabra seems destined for greatness. Only problem is; there is no one who wants to buy a purple cow. Apparently most people felt content with their old white, brown or black cow. It had tasted good all these years, so why change – they exclaimed. Even the younger more open-minded people did not buy into the idea of consuming a purple cow. What greatness does a purple cow have and what does it do – they asked. Some people prefer salmon – perceived healthier. Some other preferred chicken – tasty and much more affordable.

The Key People

Our team is spearheaded by two young creative junkies. They met several years ago while doing their Master’s Degree in Advertising in Melbourne, Australia. They are supported by specialists in marketing, design and social media.



After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Film & Digital Media as well as his Master’s Degree in Advertising in Australia, he worked on multiple multimedia productions. He also started his own video production company in 2012 and entered the startup world by founding www.creasi.co.id - websitenya orang kreatif mencari kerja in 2013. As the Creative Director, he specializes in creative direction for various production materials.


Strategic Planner

After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, he worked for MarkPlus, Octovate and creative icon Yoris Sebastian. After earning his Master’s Degree in Advertising, he entered the world of advertising and had a stint as Strategic Planning Manager at Grey Group Indonesia as well as Strategic Planning Director at Avicom Indonesia. Some of the clients he has handled are: BCA, Allianz, Dexa-Medica, Mayora, Extra Joss and Carrefour. He specializes in the development of strategic direction for companies’ and brands’ marketing communications.